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Photoshop A-Z

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General, by The Photoshop Creative Team
June 2, 2011

Collect our Photoshop A-Z pages and build up a reference library to the most important tools and techniques

We are working our way through the Photoshop alphabet, looking at all the important tools and techniques. This will build up into an essential reference guide.

Issue 75 focuses on F, and here’s an excerpt to give you a taster.

Feathering techniques


Step 1

When you are selecting an area within an image, it is possible to create a graduated edge by making use of the Feathering options. In this example we will select a rectangular area within a photograph. Choose the Rectangular Marquee tool from the Toolbar. When you have chosen this tool, Feather will appear in the top Options bar along with an amount.


Step 2

Before marking out a selection area, enter a radius number into the box beside Feather. The edge of a selection will be softer and more gradually faded out if a higher number is chosen. Feathering is ideal for blending a selection on one layer onto a background layer, great for hair or imprecise edges. By entering a number you are controlling the sharpness of your selection.


Step 3

With the Rectangular Marquee tool still chosen, mark out the area you want to select. If you would like to remove the outer area instead of the space inside the marquee choose Select>Inverse. Hit Backspace and the selected area will remain with a soft edge and the parts that were outside will disappear.