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Photoshop CC has been announced

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General, by Mark White
May 8, 2013

Adobe reveals the future of its Creative Suite and for Photoshop – the Creative Cloud, or ‘CC’ for short

Adobe, at the annual MAX Conference in Los Angeles, revealed a new face for its Creative Suite, ushering in a Creative-Cloud takeover throughout the entire set of applications.

Photoshop CC

No longer will Photoshop be available in boxed format, or will it be labelled ‘CS7’ for its next release. In fact, it’s just simply now Photoshop CC, and any future updates to the software, big or small, will be available as and when through Creative Cloud membership.

Photoshop CC, availability of which has been penciled in for June, features a range of new technologies, and what looks to be mainly within the deblurring and sharpening arenas. So great for photographers and image editors alike.

Here’s a pick of the new features in Photoshop CC (source: official press release):

  • A fleet of new tools introduce the most advanced deblurring and sharpening technologies to date. The new Camera Shake Reduction tool analyses and corrects for blur from camera movement to produce a better image. The all-new Smart Sharpen tool uses adaptive sharpening algorithms to minimise noise and halo effects while producing high-quality results. With intelligent upsampling users can increase the size of an image – large enough for a billboard – without pixelating the image.
  • Adobe Camera Raw 8 brings three new photo-editing capabilities to Photoshop CC. The Advanced Healing brush allows photographers to “heal” or “patch” images with a brush stroke instead of a circular area. The new Radial Gradient offers powerful controls to draw attention to the focus of an image without applying a standard vignette, and the Upright tool automatically straightens horizons and applies perspective corrections without distorting the image. Camera Raw edits can also be made to any layer or file within Photoshop CC.
  • For designers, improvements to rounded rectangles add the ability to adjust corner radii at any time. Users can also now select multiple paths, shapes and vectors at once, providing a faster, easier workflow for working with multiple objects.

Look out for handy Creative Cloud tips and tricks in future issues of Photoshop Creative, as well as more information about these major changes to come!

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