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Photoshop Elements 11: New Guided Edits

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General, by Mark White
October 3, 2012

There are four new Guided Edits in Photoshop Elements 11, and here’s how they look

Guided Edits are pretty much self-explanatory. They let you perform effects and edits by following instructions on screen. This is something Adobe has been chiefly proud of, and now there’s even more reason to try them out, with these four new ones in version 11 of Photoshop Elements.

High Key

The High Key effect has two options: Color and B&W. There’s no control over the extent of whitening that gives high-key imaging its name, so on some images it may appear too washed out. Good results are produced on images with even lighting, and also in close up portrait shots. The Diffuse Glow button is a one-click answer to adding a more atmospheric high-key effect. The interface is clean and clear and we particularly like the larger icons that help illustrate what an option does.

Low Key

Low Key – the other extreme of High Key – darkens the image and adds contrast. The Background Brush gives the option to paint over areas to darken them. Like with all Guided Edits in Photoshop Elements 11 there’s an image in the top right that shows an example of the effect. By rolling over it, a before image shows up. Compared to Elements 10, this is much simpler and easier to navigate and understand as a whole.


Step one in all Guided Edits applies the effect straightaway. The other sliders can then be adjusted, such as Intensity with this Vignette, to tweak the effect. The Refine Shape option enables the vignette to be softer and rounder. All in all, the Guided Edits perform really well and the software runs smoothly.


Photoshop Elements 11 Guided Edits

The final Guided Edit that’s new to Elements 11 is Tilt-Shift (miniature is another name for it). Also available in Photoshop CS6, just a good result can be had in Elements using Modify Focus Area and Refine Effect sliders. Guided Edits take a couple of minutes to apply, and results are more than satisfactory. Bigger text and controls makes the software more user-friendly, which is a bonus if you’re just starting out.