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General, by The Photoshop Creative Team
July 11, 2011

Check out our free Photoshop for Beginners supplement in issue 76. It contains essential edits for fixing your photos, such as this one for sorting out colour casts

Issue 76 contains another free supplement aimed at those who are new to Photoshop (or those who just want a refresher!). This time it features a series of essential edits for fixing common image problems. Here we share one of them with you – a nifty way to combat colour casts.

A colour cast is when one colour distorts all the other tones in an image. Old photos taken with a film camera often suffer from colour casts but even modern cameras can succumb to the effect if the lighting conditions aren’t great. The Variations command is a good way to tackle this problem. In our example image, we have got a bad case of the magentas, with a pinkish cast, but this can be easily fixed.


Open Variations
With your image open, go to the Image menu and pick Adjustments>Variations for Photoshop, or if you are in Elements, go to the Enhance menu and pick Adjust Color>Color Variations. A new window will appear with lots of small samples of your photo.


Click to edit

Make sure that the Midtones are selected and then click the Less Red thumbnail. The magenta tint will be removed from the image, quickly sorting out the colour cast. Click OK to return to the image.


A touch of auto
We have fixed the colour cast but it still looks a little flat. Use the auto commands as featured on page four to boost matters. We gave it a blast of Auto Levels.