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Tip – create fur texture

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General, by The Photoshop Creative Team
March 21, 2011

In this month’s top tip, we show you how to create a fun furry effect using the Dune Grass brush

Create fur effect with Photoshop

For a fun furry effect, use the Dune Grass brush. We typed a word and then Ctrl/Cmd-clicked the text layer’s thumbnail to select it. Click the eye icon to hide it. Choose the Dune brush tip (you may have to do a Reset Brushes to get it) and set different browns in the Foreground/Background colours. Create a new transparent layer and paint into the selection. Go to Select>Inverse.Go around the edges to make it look like the fur is sprouting out. To achieve a more realistic effect, open the Brushes palette, click Shape Dynamics and increase the Angle Jitter. Use this for text, shapes or frames.

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