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Use Photoshop to combine photos for freaky fruity compositions

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General, by Mark White
September 11, 2013

Make a fruit-based hybrid using Photoshop and great editing tools!

To many users, combining and removing images to create something new is what Photoshop is all about. Whether you’re adding family members to a holiday snap or creating your own fantasy landscape, the basics are always the same – and essential.

In this tutorial we’ll show you how to cut out and mask your images, with tips to combine them seamlessly as well as create new shadows to add another level of subtle realism. We’ll also add some blood to show the dangerous side of this fruity mishap. All this will be done with nothing more than Photoshop’s basic but powerful tools and techniques. They can be used for any photomanipulation project – so open up Photoshop and get ready to create a monster! You can download all the images we used for this tutorial here, or use your own if you prefer. Happy Photoshopping!



We are going to create a strawberry head with teeth. The image chosen has the general shape of this. To help placement on a new layer, use a standard brush to create guidelines for the centre of the face. This will help in your placement of the other elements, removing the need for guesswork dramatically.



 STEP 02

Open up ‘786280.jpg’, and using the Lasso tool cut around the cat’s mouth. Don’t worry about neatness at the moment – just make sure you leave a little space to help masking. Using the Move tool (V), drag it over to your strawberry image and rename the new layer ‘Mouth’.




With the Mouth layer selected, reduce Opacity to 80%, go to Edit>Free Transform and start to scale and rotate the mouth so that the top of the lip is placed where the two lines meet and the jaw is parallel to the bottom of the strawberry. Hit Return.




Now that it’s positioned, click the Add Layer Mask icon at the bottom of the Layers palette, and with a soft-edged black brush, remove the cat fur right up to the lip. Remember to zoom in and change the brush size, shape and even opacity as you get closer to the edge.




Duplicate the background, making sure it is below the Mouth layer, and select the Clone tool. With a hard-edged brush Alt-click a section of the background far enough from the edge to avoid cloning the strawberry back in.




Ensure the brush Opacity is set to 100%. Due to the fact we are doing this cloning beneath the Mouth layer, it’s just a simple case of removing the excess strawberry to the right of the mouth.




The image now has big whiskers that need to be removed. Change your Clone brush to a soft-edged brush and zoom in close to the offending items. Alt-click just to the right of the whiskers and clone away.




Create a new layer and name it ‘Lip Texture’. Ensure the Clone Sample setting is set to Current and Below, and using a texture from the strawberry, start to cover the black part of the lip. Try to cover as much as possible and vary the texture sources.




On the background copy layer use the Burn tool. Change Range to Highlights and set Exposure to 7%. Start to add shadows to the underside of the newly textured lip. This should bring the lip further out, thus emphasising it.




Everything is still looking a little too pink. Add a new layer. Use a soft-edged brush, colour set to #fe231f, layer mode set to Overlay. Brush in the new colour for the gums.





Open the image titled ‘729031.jpg’ and paste on a new layer called ‘Tongue’. Go to Edit>Free Transform to resize. Set the layer blending to Multiply, click the Add Layer Mask icon as before, then remove the excess texture from around the mouth. You can move the texture around to find the best part for your picture.




Click back to the left thumbnail on the Tongue layer. Now go to Image>Adjustments> Color Balance. Input the settings: Highlights +38 +13 -100, Midtones +100 +31 -100 , Shadows +3 +13 -100. This adjusts the colour to match the image. Feel free to experiment with these settings.




For the blood, load the Spatter brush and on a new layer apply a single splatter with the colour set to a deep red, like #891614. Paint one splatter on a new layer. Go to Edit>Transform> Perspective, adjust the splatter so it’s lying flat beside the strawberry. Use a layer mask to remove any splatter that overlaps onto the teeth.




Select the Burn tool and set to Highlight at 4% Exposure. Using the Chalk brush, start to brush over your splatter, slowly building up shadows. Now repeat with the Dodge tool to highlight edges you have created with the Burn tool.