photoshop creative

20 Essential Edits for Elements

1. Improve your portraits

2. Fix eyes and teeth

3. Enhance images with Dodge & Burn

4. Sharpen your shots with Adjust Sharpness

5. Improve exposure and contrast

6. Edit photos with Content-Aware Move

7. Add depth of field effects

8. Manipulate light in outdoor shots

9. Give your photos an HDR effect

10. Match colour in different images

11. Swap colours using Replace Color

12. Turn photos monochrome with layers

13. Apply the bleach bypass effect

14. Improve night-time shots

15. Turn a daytime image into a night scene

16. Edit with textures

17. Add movement to your images

18. Improve your holiday snaps

19. Fix your images in Camera Raw

20. Speed up edits with actions