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Tutorial Files: Photoshop 5 Minute Tips and Fixes

Photoshop 5 Minute Tips & Fixes – Tutorial files

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Blending modes – 578kb
Color Balance tool – 4.9mb
Complete guide to cloning – 1.5mb
Complex cutouts – 6.9mb
Compose a reflection – 6.7mb
Control HDR with layers – 53.5mb
Convert images to black and white – 750kb
Create 3D effects with shadows – 1.2mb
Create a perfect family portrait – 1.7mb
Create a Photoshop composite – 328kb
Create droplets – 2mb
Displace filter – 1.2mb
Dynamic lighting effects – 8.4mb
Explore Adobe Camera Raw 6 – 13.9mb
Exposure merging and HDR toning – 78.2mb
Fix barrel distortion – 4.9mb
Fix creases – 532kb
Fix exposure with traditional techniques – 229kb
Ghostly effects – 36.6mb
Hand tint black and white images – 9.3mb
High-key lighting effects – 737kb
Hollywood style – 1.1mb
Illustrate with the Cutout filter – 1.2mb
Improve images with colour – 385kb
Lens Correction – 4mb
Light leak effect – 233kb
Lighting Effects – 4.8mb
Photoreal HDR effects – 19.2mb
Photoshoot to Photoshop – 77.4mb
Professional product shots – 16.1mb
Retouch with Dodge and Burn – 205kb
Retouching techniques – 3.9mb
Seeing double – 11.6mb
Spectacular sunsets with gradient maps – 1.7mb
Super-fast light-painting effects – 205kb
Transform a drab image – 524kb
Use the Pixel Bender plugin – 10.2mb
Use the Refine Edge tool in CS5 – 586kb
Vibrant colour – 565kb