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Photoshop For Beginners Revised

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Using Auto Levels – 3.5mb
Get to grips with Auto Curves – 2.9mb
Auto Tone up – 3.4mb
Great contrast in a click – 3mb
Fix colour casts with Auto Color – 2.9mb
How to crop for impact – 2.8mb
New Crop tools in Photoshop CS6 – 5.5mb
Resizing techniques – 2.1mb
Use the Quick Edit option – 3.1mb
Fix images the Smart way – 2.9mb
Easy ways to edit colour – 8.4mb
Understanding Levels – 950kb
Using Curves adjustments – 3.1mb
Use Style Match for effective image edits – 467kb
Colour swap with Hue_Saturation – 975kb
Correct exposure – 1mb
Produce beautiful black-and-whites – 1.1mb
Explore Shadows_Highlights – 573kb
Duotones made easy – 2mb
Master Variations – 1.9mb
Layers – an overview – 4mb
How to use new layers – 778kb
Duplicating layers – 647kb
Merging layers – 295kb
Flattening layers – 9.1mb
Working with layers – 319kb
Opacity and Fill controls – 3.4mb
Blending modes – 877kb
Remove red-eye in portraits – 426kb
Use the Clone tool to retouch – 2.6mb
Make a focal point in photos – 5.8mb
Sharpen your photos – 386kb
Add emphasis to eyes – 2.8mb
Fix exposure with traditional skills – 1.1mb
Content Aware healing – 803kb
Using the Patch tool – 8.4mb
Retouch skin in portrait photos – 3.1mb
Whiten teeth and eyes – 778kb
Basic masks explained – 852kb
Use masks in Elements – 9.9mb
Adjusting Brightness_Contrast – 1mb
The Curves adjustment tool – 1.5mb
Levels, enhance and contrast – 393Kb
Using Black & White – 27.6mb
Playing with the Channel Mixer – 877kb
Edit photos with Hue_Saturation – 803kb
Create a sunset using Gradient Maps – 983kb
Get creative with adjustment layers – 1.1mb
Making a magic selection – 1.8mb
The Smart Brush tool in Elements – 2.6mb
Understanding Quick Mask – 1mb
Refine Edge in Photoshop CS6 – 4.6mb
Replace dull skies with selections – 877kb
The magic of Content Aware Scaling – 1.4mb
New brush controls in CS6 – 975kb
Using tools with brushes – 58.6mb
Use the History tools in Photoshop – 983kb
Photo to painting with Smudge – 2.7mb
Paint with the Artistic filters – 647kb
Use Blur filters to create depth – 795kb
Lighting Effects Filter – 6.2mb
Fixing noise with the Reduce Noise filter – 1.1mb
Using the Sketch filters – 1.2mb
Using the Liquify filter – 4.4mb
Edit colours with Photo Filter – 2.2mb
Add glints to photos – 1.3mb
Enhance contrast with blend modes – 475kb
Balance images with symmetry – 549kb
Speed up movement – 811kb
Clear skin in 5 mins – 721kb
Background Eraser tool – 1mb