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Tutorial Files: The Professional Photoshop Book

Please select the tutorial to download the files

26_31_retouching – 3.7mb
34_36_product_shots – 15.4mb
38_42_cinematic_retouch – 1.5mb
44_46_camera_raw – 13.3mb
58_60_creative_lighting – 17.1mb
78_82_creative_designs – 8.3mb
88_93_light_and_colour – 9.5mb
94_99_dynamic_lighting – 8mb
102_106_advanced_lighting – 8.2mb
108_112_advanced_selections – 41.2mb
118_121_expert_transform – 5.5mb
124_128_work_with_perspective – 37.2mb
130_134_blending_skills – 40kb
164_167_fantasy_lighting – 25.5mb
168_171_paint_textures – 13.9mb
174_179_pro_mattes – 3.1mb
180_184_photos_a_twist – 11.1mb
186_190_digital_matte – 26mb
192_195_fantasy_painting – 4.1mb
212_217_vehicle – 3.8mb
218_220_themetic_type – 8kb
218_222_themetic_type – 4kb
222_225_mixed_media – 11.6mb
226_229_logo_design – 23.8mb
230_233_digital_collage – 16kb
238_241_play_with_shapes – 10.1mb
242_246_create_depth – 1.7mb

  • Matias Contursi

    I subscribe to many of your titles in digital version, but I see missing files in the download links.
    For example in Tutorial Files: The Professional Photoshop Book/78_82_creative_designs – 8.3MB, missing the main file: flying insect green beetle.
    Please help me solve this.

  • Simon Skellon

    Hello Matias – You’ll find a word doc in the zip folder for pages 78-82. This contains image references to download any additional images from, which for copyright reasons we could unfortunately not supply on the disc.