photoshop creative

Tutorial Files: Issue 118

Action blur effects

Better black and whites

Create a fantasy tree home

Create an oriental poster

Creative colour effects

Improve images with blur filters

Incredible ways to retouch

Learn the Eraser tools

Paint an autumn scene

Shattered portrait effect

Spacescape panoramas

Themed text effects

Tune-up your holiday photos

  • griffin6002

    I bought the print and digital edition of issue 118 to see what content one had versus the other. The bulk of the magazine is exactly the same, but the digital edition, while it does allow you to download individual tutorial files, it does not allow you to download any of the video tutorial files or the files for the brushes, actions, and textures. My question is, “Why not?” As a customer, those video tutorial files and other resources have real value. What is even more confusing is that when I popped in the actual CD-ROM, I found out that the video tutorials are not actually on the CD-ROM; they are streamed over the internet when you click on the link! There are even links provided on the CD-ROM to download the video files direct from the magazines website! I would love to switch to the digital editions of all my favorite magazines and save some trees, but I really don’t want to miss any content. Why do these magazine publishers not include download links in the digital magazine editions when the CD-ROM they are providing with the print edition is mostly comprised of download links? Couldn’t they just as easily provide the links in the digital editions?

  • debiannj

    Griffin6002: I’m glad I saw your post. I have been contemplating getting another subscription of Photoshop Creative, but because I live in the US, it’s extremely expensive. I thought that by getting the digital version, I could subscribe longer and enjoy learning more about Photoshop. I was estatic to see the downloads, but to find I would not have access to the tools like brushes, actions and textures. That is something that is essential for actually following the tutorials. If I had subscribed without knowing that, I would be one really unhappy camper right now.