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Tutorial Files: Issue 2

Please select the tutorial to download the files

Change and replace colour – 1 file – 660kb
Create the cover – 5 files – 8.3mb
Digital painting dali – 2 – 1.1mb
Essential tools – 21 files – 14.6mb
Introduction to painter – 1 file – 4.7mb
Save time with actions – 1 file – 12kb
Work with hdr images – 4 files – 8.4mb
Xray effects – 4 files – 7.8mb

  • I love the fact that you have begun posting the tutorial files online, for those of us in the States that have to wait to get your pub. Unless I am simply overlooking it, I am disappointed that the additional content (brushes, etc.) don’t seem to be available to those of us purchasing the online version of your mag. Would be very interested in accessing all of the content available to print pub purchasers. It would give me impetus to invest in the back issues online. Hope to hear back.