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Tutorial Files: Issue 83

Please select the tutorial to download the files

Animal hybrid – 13.2mb
Day to night – 8.2mb
Gradient maps – 4mb
Hanging around files – 7.2mb
HDR effects – 4mb
Learn to illustrate – 311kb
Quick fix – add grain – 5.4mb
Quick fix – hair colour – 139kb
Quick fix – Sponge tool – 7mb
Scratches and creases – 2.6mb
Type poster – 758kb
Salted paper print source – 1mb
ripped paper scans – 7.9mb

  • james morris

    can not find files for creative ripped paper collages page 55 it says can findpack on our websitein tutorial files

  • Hi James, thanks for your comment. It seems there’s a problem with those particular files. We’re working to try and fix them and will upload them as soon as possible.
    Sorry for the inconvenience,
    Many Thanks