photoshop creative

Tutorial Files: Photoshop Creative Collection Vol 9

Monochrome – 2.4mb

Mezzotint – 2.3mb

HDR Lighting – 2.9mb

Enhance Landscape – 19.6mb

Lighting Filter – 1mb

Tilt-Shift Effect – 774kb

Motion Blur – 4.1mb

Dynamic Lighting – 7.8mb

Smart Brush Tool – 2.3mb

Enhance with Light – 3.4mb

Perfect Macro – 4.1mb

Painting Feature – 8.8mb

Control Your Brushes – 2.3mb

Paint with Light – 18mb

Pointillism – 1.5mb

Make art with Type – 2mb

Custom Brush – 7mb

Create with Shapes – 4.1mb

Cartoonise Family- 250kb

Art with Layers- 4.8mb

Animal Hybrids- 13.2mb

Dali- 12.3mb

Underwater Edits- 34.6mb

Incredible Composites- 48.1mb

Creating Flames- 4mb

Vivid Photo Edits- 26.3mb

Surreal Effects – 6.2mb

Underwater Room – 55.2mb

Fire Effects – 10.1mb

Retro Poster – 14.6mb

Duotone Poster – 21.4mb

Type for Portraits – 905kb

Photos into Jigsaw – 15.1mb

Flipbook – 60.1mb

Ornate Frame – 41.4mb

Collage – 37.4mb

Book Cover – 2.3mb

Painted Portraits – 58.3mb