photoshop creative

Tutorial Files: Photoshop Tips, Tricks and Fixes 6

All you need to know about Layers

Use Levels and Curves

Use Refine Edge for perfect selections

Master Content-Aware options

Match colour in different images

Master the Magic Wand tool

Understand 3D essentials

Use Wet Media brushes

Create an HDR effect

Create with the Pen Tool

Use Actions in Elements

Why you need textures

Fantastic filter projects

Conquer layers & masks

Build a new landscape

Create Ghostly effects

Use warp for creative edits

Mixed media portraits

Paint from photos

Paint with light

Recreate long exposure

Splatter portrait effects

Create your own jigsaw

Get the Acrylic paint look

Create a scratch foil effect

5 retouching projects

Fix common photo problems

Restore old photos

Achieve perfect portraits

Remove objects

Whiten teeth and eyes

Smartphone photos fixed